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All silencers can be made from galvanised or stainless steel, even aluminium where required. Hygiene requirements can also be accommodated, as can high temperatures, humidity, and many other environments.



A) ST and POD Range of Silencers
ST silencers benefit from simple design, negligible pressure drop and are very cost effective. Their performance is a function of their cross-sectional dimensions and their length and can be tailored to any applications. Where extra performance and/or reduced silencer length is required, POD silencers are ideal. They are tailored to the application and designed to minimise pressure drop.



B) SA Range of Attenuators
Splitter attenuators are our high-performance silencers which can be designed to meet almost any noise control target. Where very high performances are required, great care must be taken to ensure that other sources of noise are considered which an ill-conceived noise control assessment would ignore or even exacerbate.


All BUR-LOW Silencers and Louvres include a guarantee of acoustic performance and mechanical integrity, thereby ensuring confidence and reliability in our products.


Silencers and louvres may be manufactured from alternative materials such as stainless steel, aluminium or G.R.P. to meet clients particular requirements.
C) Other Silencer Types

Acoustic louvres combine a reasonable performance with an attractive appearance and shallow depth. Reactive silencers are specialist silencers, tuned to a specific frequency. Bur-low is also geared up for special designs, often with innovative solutions to difficult problems, such as steam pressure-relief silencers.