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Noise is a source of environmental pollution and a health and safety issue as a cause of deafness and noise induced hearing loss. Sound and noise are also important considerations in architectural acoustics and Mechanical Services design.

It is widely believed that noise control is both costly and impractical but Bur-Low have developed a wide range of noise control products from conventional silencers, attenuators and enclosures, to innovative engineering solutions for difficult problems

Silencers and Attenuators

  • ST Range of silencers provide reliable and predictable performance at low cost and with no adverse impact on the system
  • POD Range provides enhanced performance in confined spaces
  • SA Range of Splitter Attenuators are the high-performance silencers
  • Acoustic Louvres provide an attractive appearance and achieve a reasonable acoustic performance for a minimum depth
  • RX Range are "reactive" silencers which are tailored and tuned to a specific frequency or tone.

Enclosures and Barriers

Acoustic enclosures provide high-performance, noise control which is very reliable and predictable. Many designs are flawed by inadequate consideration of access, ventilation, product through-put, etc. all of which must not compromise acoustic performance. Attention to detail is a key feature.

Noise barriers manufactured by Bur-Low are particularly effective outdoors. Each is tailored to its applications and performance is accurately predicted.